Dropped Items Will Disintegrate in 12 Hours

disintegrate (1)

Here’s some new game logic for ya, this change happened yesterday and the source is in the chat down below between Calvin and Lynton-Wolfe:

Calvin: Oliver… are you there? Sent at 11:15 AM on Tuesday This chat is off the record

Lynton-Wolfe: yes. here

Calvin: had a few reports that objects dropped out of the scanner have been disintegrating/disappearing… Planned?

Lynton-Wolfe: yes. part of a recent upgrade to the systems here. The new version of the scanner is more efficient at manifesting XM based objects but the objects are no longer stable when detached from an operational scanner or portal. Objects dropped out in the world will lose cohesion and disintegrate in approximately 12 hours.

Calvin: So operatives have to use or lose it.

Lynton-Wolfe: correct.

This will mean that those stash tactics that everyone’s been trying to use will not anymore and this will enforce the 2000 item limit even further. This change will also remove all dropped items that were swarming in some areas caused by item limit. Players were removing media and low-level items to give themselves more space in their inventory and made huge quantities of basically junk in the game.

Interesting changes in Ingress. Today, and we are expecting more on January 14th.


3 thoughts on “Dropped Items Will Disintegrate in 12 Hours

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